Nxt Asset Exchange

Asset Exchange is the Decentralized Marketplace of Nxt.

It is where any any asset, digital or physical, can be traded peer to peer without the need for a centralised third party. The Asset Exchange concept is often generally referred to as Coloured Coins in the cryptocurrency world. The Voting System feature is dependent on the Nxt Asset Exchange.


An Asset is a token that is traded on the Asset Exchange. They can represent almost anything. Examples of current assets areː assets backed by physical silver, assets that represent a share of profits in a multipool, assets that represent a basket of other assets, assets that represent support in crowd funding of mobile Nxt client, assets that aim to support charitable causes such as being carbon neutral and many more. You can explore the Assets from within the Nxt Client, on nxtforum.org assets board or blockchain explorers. Also see Asset Exchange and Blockchain Explorer.